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waste utilisation farm garden


fws doesn’t like the word ‘waste’. We believe that those things often considered as waste are just another stage in the multiple uses of a resource.

The ‘waste’ materials from our toilet and laundry area are a great example of this. These areas encompass some of the most potentially damaging activities by humans – both from the point of view of a resource usage, potential health issue and environmental contamination.

Sources of waste from the bathrooms and laundry can be broadly categorised as:

  • Grey water from the laundry area
  • Black water from the toilets
  • Humanure from the compost toilets

This small farm uses each of these ‘waste’ materials for productive purposes while containing their potential health and environmental dangers.

The benefits of humanure. Kesho's thriving veggie gardens.The benefits of humanure...Kesho's thriving veggie gardens.

Our grey water and black water is run into banana circles where the material filters through a densely mulched center and is reabsorbed by our moisture loving banana trees. The banana circle design because of the circular shape and the nutrient dense ‘waste’ it is receiving allows us to produce, fast growing, densely planted trees, the provide delicious fruit for our residents. The humanure that comes from our composting toilet systems are composted in our barrel system, where they remain until all the material is fully composted. This nutrient rich compost is then used to top dress the trees in our two food forests.