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volunteer with us

fws loves hearing from those who wish to lend a hand.

If you're interested in any of the roles, read our Volunteer Rights & Responsibilities and email us at volunteers@foodwatershelter.org.au.

And even if you don't think any of our current roles don't quite suit, we always love to add great people to our books. 

offsite volunteer roles

Volunteering with fws in an at-home-based role can be a lot of fun. You'll get to use your excellent time-management skills - as you'll suddenly be juggling the rest of your life with your exciting new fws job!

As we've grown, we've recruited volunteers that have these work-life balance skills down-pat. As a result, we have a committed team of fws members that manage to kick goals for fws and also with family and friends at weekend barbies. If you think you can contribute to fws without letting your new fws colleagues or your friends and family down, then we'd like to hear from you.

Currently, we have these vacancies...

  • fws USA board members
  • fws board secretary
  • fws treasurer. If you are a qualified accountant and would like to work with a small, dedicated financial team, would personally love to ensure operating funds are sent to Kesho Leo Children’s Village, Tanzania, each month in a timely manner, and adore making the spiffiest financial papers known to man at the end of each financial year, get in contact!  Minimum 12 month position.
  • fws corporate governance volunteer. If you have some legal and/or insurance skills, are great at detailed work (ticking boxes, crossing Ts), happy to nose around in our files for information you need (self starter skills!), and will make it your personal mission to ensure fws sends correct, complete and absolutely stellar-standard reports to the various organisations we must, then email us now!

You can register your interest in any of these roles by contacting volunteers@foodwatershelter.org.au.

tanzania-based volunteer roles

We are looking for volunteers whose focus is our project. fws is in Tanzania to create the world's most awesome children's village for the local community of Sinon. We are after volunteers who see this as their primary reason for travelling to Tanzania to help out fws. If you're keen to help establish Kesho Leo children's village and then worry about safaris and sightseeing as a secondary mission, then you sound like just the person we need in Tanzania.

Vacancies: We are currently refurbishing Kesho Leo children’s village and Kesho Leo volunteer village in Tanzania. We guestimate these activities will be funded and completed by March/April 2017.

By mid-2017, we hope to recruit a Kesho Leo Project Manager and a Kesho Leo Communications Volunteer, but if you are someone who has these type of skills and experience, and doesn’t mind roughing it a little, we’d more than happy see you at our project before the above refurb completes itself. 

By late-2017, we hope to recruit an experienced outreach volunteer in Tanzania for each of our key focus areas: permaculture, health, education, social-welfare, micro-business. 

You can register your interest in any of the above Tanzania-based volunteer roles now by emailing volunteers@foodwatershelter.org.au.

learn the lingo

Kick start your volunteer experience by getting to know the language of Kesho Leo, with our fws beginners guide to Kiswahili.