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We are so grateful to the support we have had from all our project and event sponsors, large and small. Without your help, Kesho Leo would not be what it is today. Please give it up for our sponsors…

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COCO works alongside communities in East Africa to provide sustainable solutions to the problems preventing children from accessing education. COCO listens to the communities they work with, learns from them during the development process and ensures that programs are sustainable in the long-term for a lasting impact. As part of the Hoja Project, fws provided the initial permaculture training to its partners, which was key in establishing their permaculture training program. COCO and fws have also worked together towards the development of Olomayani Nursery.

COCO and fws are hoping to begin partnership at Kesho Leo, in northern Tanzania, under COCO's Schools for Life program. The exciting Schools for Life program seeks to replicate the success of Hoja Secondary School across East Africa. Through partnership between COCO and the Hoja Project, Hoja Secondary School was developed from a disused tobacco factory into one of the best performing schools in Tanzania. For the past three years, graduates from Hoja Secondary have achieved the highest results of 183 schools in the Ruvuma region. Further to academic success, Hoja Secondary School is also operationally self-sustainable due to careful cost reduction and innovative income generation strategies. The Schools for Life program is made of six key elements: shelter, power, water and sanitation, food, sports and recreation and entrepreneurship.

fws is extremely excited to be a part of this great opportunity.

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Golder Trust for Orphans

Improving lives through sustainable solutions...

Golder Trust for Orphans is a global ground engineering and environmental services group. As part of their commitment to sustainability, Golder Associates formed Golder Trust for Orphans in 2003. The Trust supports sustainable development projects, with a focus on organisations that provide services for orphaned or displaced children and families in Africa, particularly families and dependents of people living with HIV/AIDS. This makes them a perfect match with fws!

In August 2009, Golder Trust generously agreed to contribute US$22,414 towards a solar system to power Kesho Leo children’s village. These funds will provide solar power for the sleeping boma accommodation units, the early learning education centre, and the health clinic. The solar system will help Kesho Leo have reliable, safe, self-sufficient and cost-effective lighting, some general power outlets, and eco-friendly refrigeration, all thanks to the sun – and Golder Trust!

The Trust keeps an eye out for sustainable initiatives, and knew they were onto something good when they visited Kesho Leo. They are keen to work with fws to assist in and promote the sustainable development of fws’s eco-friendly children’s villages.

fws looks forward to your partnership, Golder Trust for Orphans!


Bongiorno Group

Bongiorno Group are a financial planning institution that have been helping doctors and dentists grow their wealth since December of 1964. The Bongiorno group is a one stop shop for your insurances, financial planning, tax and financing needs. They are located on St Kilda road in Melbourne yet have a nation-wide network with other groups that specialise with medical practitioners. The Bongiorno Group value the work of charities and have donated not only their money but a significant amount of their time towards various projects around the world. If you would like to know more about this please click the following link: http://www.bongiorno.com.au/community .

Food Water Shelter are lucky enough to be partnering with the Bongiorno Group to try and raise as much money as possible to support our early childhood education program. They are holding an auction on the 24th of June with all proceeds going to this worthy cause! Thanks again Bongiorno Group and all the best with the auction. 

long-term partners

  • Cotton On Foundation
  • Watson Architecture + Design
  • Edmund Rice School
  • Lonely Planet
  • Planet Wheeler
  • Goldman Sachs JBWere Foundation
  • The Francis Kealy Fund
  • Aussies for Orphans

foodwatershelter event sponsors

fws is committed to holding a range of events each year to help fund our projects, so we are always very grateful to our event sponsors who help us cover hosting costs or contribute talent, booty and expertise.