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Co-managed by Tanzanian and Western staff, Kesho Leo Children's Village provides accommodation to vulnerable families, a kindergarten, pre-primary school, after school tuition service, a health centre, and an organic permaculture farm for income and farming education.
We are looking for schools with a social justice outlook to partner with us and help us increase sustainability for the education and other services for children in the Sinon community.
Like you, we believe education is the key to the next generation’s future.
We would like to invite your school to join our Students4Students Program (s4s) – a cultural exchange where we share information, stories and ideas from Kesho Leo with your students, and in return your students engage in fundraising to support the childrens' education at Kesho Leo.
Some easy and exciting fundraising ideas include:
  • Schools can host a student free-dress day with a coin donation to foodwatershelter.
  • Schools can host a cross country, walkathon or other event where students gain sponsorship from families and friends for participating, and raise money whilst enjoying the outdoors with their friends.
  • Schools can hold an art auction or a battle of the bands that showcases the students' amazing talent and raises money for Kesho Leo at the same time.
  • Invite your families and friends to our fws events that take place in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane each year.
Here's an indication of how your donations can help:
  • A$28 send one child to school for one year.
  • A$90 would provide our three classes of children with breakfast every day for a year. We provide breakfast for our students as many of them do not have enough food at home and breakfast will help make sure they are full of energy and ready to learn, instead of their stomachs being hungry all day.
  • A$1,000 would pay the full year's salary and professional development for a kindergarten or pre-primary teacher.
If you would like to learn more or have any questions, please or send us an email.

Our growing list of Students helping Students

A heartfelt thank-you to each of you for your incredible support.
  1. Queensland Academy for Creative Industries (QACI)