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past permaculture design courses

Past PDCs

Countries represented

As of February 2015, 142 students from 27 countries have graduated from fws PDCs, with participants representing the following nationalities: 
Africa   Asia and Australasia
Algeria 1   Australia 2
Burundi 1   India 2
Democratic Republic of the Congo 4   New Zealand 1
Ethiopia 1   Republic of Korea 1
Kenya 13      
Mozambique 1   Europe
Rep South Africa 1   Austria 1
Rwanda 1   Denmark 1
South Sudan 2   Germany 2
Tanzania 74   Ireland 1
Uganda 8   Italy 1
Zimbabwe 1   Netherlands 1
Zambia 1   UK 4
North and South America      
Canada 1      
Chile 1      
USA 14      

Jan/Feb 2015 – English PDC

Number of graduates: 23
Number of countries represented: 15
Instructors: Janet Maro (Tanzania), Nicholas Syano (Kenya) and Lindsay Allen (USA)

May/June 2014 – English PDC

Number of graduates: 13
Number of countries represented: 7
Instructor: Steve Whitman (USA)
Read an article on Permaculture in Practice by scholarship student Benjamin Kigan

May 2014 – Kiswahili PDC

Number of graduates: 21
Number of countries represented: 2
Instructor: Nicholas Syano (Kenya)
• Read an article by Kiswahili scholarship student Priscilla Nzamalu.

June 2013 – English PDC

Number of graduates: 26
Number of countries represented: 11 (from 5 continents)
Instructor: Steve Whitman (USA)
Having now hosted three PDCs, fws have become highly proficient at hosting international courses that bring together people from around the globe – from local farmers to international business owners – for two intensive weeks of permaculture education. 

April 2013 – Kiswahili PDC - the world’s first

Number of graduates: 30
Number of countries represented; 4
Instructor: Nicholas Syano (PRI-Kenya)
In 2013, fws were extremely proud to partner with The Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya (PRI-Kenya) to offer the world’s first PDC offered in Kiswahili (the official language of Tanzania).
We presented the course to ensure that opportunities were available to those community members, NGO workers, religious representatives and farmers who have not had the opportunity to learn English.

• Read an article by Kiswahili PDC graduate, Mary Mbugua.

June 2012 – English PDC

Number of graduates: 29
Number of countries represented: 9
Instructor: Steve Whitman (USA)

In June 2012 fws hosted our first–and highly successful–PDC that focused on creating change in communities and NGOs in Tanzania. 

• You can read all about it in an article written by our very own Lucie Bradley.