We build early learning eco-friendly children's villages and big, bright futures

our mission

foodwatershelter inc (fws) is a not-for-profit, non-denominational, non-governmental organisation that builds and manages eco-friendly villages with educational, social, health, permaculture and micro-business facilities for vulnerable women, their children and orphans.

Our pilot project, Kesho Leo Children’s Village, is located in the Sinon, near Arusha in Tanzania, East Africa and was established in 2005 by fws’s 10 founding members. It is envisioned that our pilot project, once fine-tuned, can perhaps become the blue-print for future fws projects around the world.


Kesho's mamas and children photo

We do this, at Kesho Leo Children’s Village, by:

providing shelter in loving homes for 8 women and 35 vulnerable or orphaned children 

providing social welfare support to these women, children, and the local community

providing kindergarten, preschool education and after-school tuition services for over 120 children each year 

• providing first aid, primary health care services, and health education to over 400 local community members 

  • providing micro-finance programs for up to 25 community members to help them make sustainable changes in their financial position 
  • employing around 35 local Tanzanians providing them with skills to work and generate income to support their families
  • providing permaculture systems and design education for 150 students per year, including local farmers to learn how to embed sustainable farming options into their daily practices 
  • providing all of the above with minimal negative impact on the local environment, aiming to enhance the current and future lives of these women and children so that they are better able to enjoy themselves and contribute to their community.