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The September 2007 e-newsletter of Honestly Woman magazine talks about the fws girls:

“Well, this month it's actually "They've Got it!": five Aussie women who want to make a difference, in their late 20s and early 30s all met in Tanzania, East Africa in 2003, while volunteering at different schools. When their volunteering roles came to an end, they headed home to their various Aussie states and then realised they all wanted to continue to help the kids they loved back in Africa.

Out of that has come Food Water Shelter which aims to build an eco-friendly children's village on three acres of land in a village outside of Arusha, in northern Tanzania, East Africa that will become home to 40 local children that have been orphaned. This children's village will also offer early learning programs that prepare children for successful social and educational interaction.

Rebecka Delforce is now president of Food Water Shelter (fws) and back in Tanzania, Kelsey Wilson is Vice-President , Anne O'Donoghue is Treasurer, Edwina Hammond is their negotiator based in Tanzania, and Shona Arneil is Secretary.
Read the fascinating blogs that give you a peek at what is underway right now in Africa - plans that were originally hatched by these five women and their friends here in Oz. You might like to support them or get involved yourself. ”

 - Honestly Woman magazine, September 2007