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Frankie goes to weldy-hood!

Frank's graduation photo

Well, he has done it, our Frank (grandson of Kesho Leo house mama Bibi Frank and brother of Haji, all of whom still live at Kesho), has passed his certificate in welding!  "Waaaaoooooo!” as the Kesho Krew say! 

Just last week, on 11 November 2016, he graduated from his welding course with a big smile and a big celebration support team. Frank has been living at Kesho Leo supported by fws for seven years.  Kesho house mamas Sherida and Helena attended, as did Bibi Frank and Haji, Kesho Leo  teacher Regina, our caretaker Tumaini, Askari Jonas and Frank’s aunt Ramla—all attended to congratulate him.


Frank's graduation photo


The pictures show it was a beautiful, happy and colourful celebration! 

Come December, Frank, 18, will be back from college and will no longer be a student, unless he applies for more studies. That said, we suspect he will want to look for a job or begin a business of his own. fws and the Kesho Krew will support him to do so. We’ll keep you posted!