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10 minutes in a...leaky roof

fws roof repairs photo

Earlier this month (October), our Tanzanian staff sent word that our Kesho Leo building had sprung a leak—in its roof. How did they know? Because the rains had arrived! Those big, delicious-smelling, fat-drop dumping rains! So now it was suddenly urgent to fix the leak before it ruined our interior timber (and hairdoos).

Pronto Geoff arranged for Ted, Kesho’s fastidious bookeeper, to do up a spiffy costings sheet outlining the costs of the roof repairs and sent it across. Upon receiving the costings back home in Australia, Beck and Megan went into immediate action and contacted our long-term, long-loved friends Sue and Steve from Aussies For Orphans.

Over lunch the girls cried, “Quick, it’s raining, fix our roof for us, please! It’ll costya A$1500”. Aussies For Orphans (AFO), did their usual quick-and-efficient turn-around and had the necessary funds for us in four days! What a brilliant friendship we’ve enjoyed with AFO over the years. But it doesn’t even end there. AFO have agreed to fundraise for the remaining Kesho Leo repairs (another A$6k—thanks Ted for another neat-as costings sheet) and will have the funds to us by March 2017.