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Salimu, you’re feeling better and we can’t stop smiling either!


Salimu back to school photo

In mid-September (2016) we received an email from Upendo, Kesho Leo’s Social Welfare Manager & Acting Manager, to say that one of our Kesho Kids wasn’t faring so well. It seems Salimu has a bone problem which causes him a lot of pain from time to time. He’s had the bone operated on previously and had been progressing well. However, when the pain flared up again recently, Upendo, thought it best to take Salimu to the ortho clinic and have him reassessed. 

The funds for doing so weren’t covered in Salimu’s f4f sponsorship, so Kesho Project Advisor Geoff Gaskell put his hand up to donate the deposit required and was quickly followed by Australian donors Megan & Marc Mittag, who put forward the remaining funds for the full operation. Upendo herself paid for Salimu’s extra fruit and veggies and drinks to ensure he had lots of nutrition during this period. Salimu had the operation and was kept on painkiller medication for several days afterwards. The week following his operation, Salimu attended wound dressing at Sinoni dispensary everyday thereafter, at the doctors advice. It seems that after much rest and care that Salimu has recovered well these past few weeks, and on his check-up visit with the doctor on 10 October was advised that he could return to school soon enough.

And so here he is, heading back to school on October 26, with his million-dollar smile. Report is that he was very pleased to return to school and his friends were pleased to have him back.