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do good while shopping online

shopping can feel even better

You can make a donation to fws every time you shop online and it does not cost you a cent! Here is how:

1. Join Shopnate

It is free. Use this link to ensure your shopping supports foodwatershelter inc. 

2. Shop online! 

Shop online with leading retailers including Expedia, David Jones, ASOS, Priceline and hundreds more. The list of participating shops is available here.

3. They donate

After you have checked out, that retailer will make a donation to us (without costing you anything). Isn’t it wonderful to know you could give to fws every time you shop online?



tell your family and friends

Once you have Shopnate on your computer, tell your friends via this message. The header image has been built to be shared, so simply save the image you arrive at and share to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Happy sharing, and happy shopping!