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water in a dry land

Planting the Seeds of Sustainability

water in a dry land

Our Permaculture operations have matured to the point where we can now shift our focus to bringing these resilient and life-sustaining systems to the wider community.

We’ve been partnering with another great organization, called Coco, to bring rainwater harvesting to a nursery school in a rural area of Maasailand. The school is in a very remote location, only reachable by car when the weather is favourable, and far from any public services. The area is very dry, and the nearest water source is a 2 to 3 hour walk away; all water is carried to the site in 20 litre buckets - always by women, occasionally with the help of donkeys.

Over the last few months, our Permaculture Team designed and installed a rainwater harvesting system, so that water from the roof of the school is diverted to large tanks for use by the students and the surrounding households. This alone has made a huge difference to quality of life, and the extra water has allowed us to begin work on installing a school garden that will increase food security and access to nutrition for all the kids.

We're now working with Coco to find ways to bring this simple but transformative technology to more households in the area, to reduce the endless drudgery of fetching water and to provide richer, healthier lives for the whole community.