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community permaculture workshops

Planting the Seeds of Sustainability

Our Permaculture operations have matured to the point where we can now shift our focus to bringing these resilient and life-sustaining systems to the wider community.

community permaculture workshops

Our Farm Manager John returned recently from a Teachers’ Training Course with the Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya. Fired up with enthusiasm and ready to spread the word about sustainable ways of living (and of making of making a living), he got together with the Social Welfare team to arrange a pair of workshops on organic agriculture. They spread the word locally, and in a nice example of cross-fertilization between projects, invited the women from the Kesho Leo micro-finance group (who work together on ideas for small business) to attend.

John’s presentation was well prepared and comprehensive, covering both the why and how of setting up an organic growing system, in simple terms that were directly applicable in this area. The number and relevance of the questions asked throughout the workshops showed just how much everyone valued the information.

The participants also gave ideas on how to spread this knowledge in the community, and the workshops will be continuing over the coming months, experimenting with farm-to-farm sessions (where a group comes together to learn and install solutions at a particular farm), and with self-educating farmers groups. This is the first of many steps on the road to a healthier, more profitable and more sustainable agriculture for the area.

John teaching permaculture to community members