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literacy day

“What could you want with 170 bananas?” the Shopkeeper asked… Well, Education Volunteer Jenny had a plan!

It was the energy snack the Chekchea and Pre-Primary kids required after a long day of story-telling at the combined Kesho Leo & Engosengiu Primary School Literacy Day.

Teachers from both schools combined forces (and classes) for a fun day of learning and literacy. The first challenge was sorting the 3 to 6 year-olds into groups! But the fws Education team had this covered, thanks to some colourfulscrunchies specially crafted for the event.Sitting cross-legged upon mats in the shade of the beautifully green Engo Primary courtyard, the students were read stories in both Kswahili and English by volunteers and students from Edmund Rice Secondary School.

Now, this was no ordinary story-telling… volunteers & teachers not only used puppets re-enact each tale, but they sang and danced much to the enjoyment of an enthusiastic audience.This was the second literacy day that has been held, continuing to build a relationship between the two schools, and we hope to see this tradition continuing well into the future.

A big thank you goes out to teachers’ Sauda, Regina, Concesa, Lucy and Jenny for their hard work and preparation that went into such a successful, fun-filled event.