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engo primary school sponsorship!

As part of our relationship with the local Engosengiu Primary School, fws proudly sponsors the places of ten of their Chekechea and Pre-Primary students.        

This month we were very happy to host a meet and greet with the parents of these children, giving them an opportunity to hear more about our work, and ask any questions, of which there were many.

Organised by fws Education Manager Regina, together with Engo PS Teacher Alphonsina (who very kindly went well out of her way to hand deliver letters to the parents – thank you!), the meeting proved a great opportunity for us to share some more information about fws, the sponsorships, and where the money comes from. All of the parents were very passionate about their children’s education, and asked us to pass on a big thank you to those people back in Australia who are working hard to help cover the cost of sending them to school.


Once the ball got rolling they also had lots of questions about our library, organic farming practices, after school tuition and community english classes. They also had some great suggestions about adult literacy classes and more community health events for us to take back to the team!        

All in all it was a true pleasure to meet these proud parents, and see what a difference this sponsorship makes to them and their children.

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