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Queensland Poetry Festival 2011

Cindy Keong (fws education manager) is performing at the Queensland  Poetry Festival this Saturday, August 27 2011 at 2.45 pm

Although this is not a fundraiser it is indeed an fws event for all Brisbane dwellers.

Her performance entitled 'Same Sky' is much inspired by her time spent working with fws in Tanzania in 2010.

The audience will not only hear her words but also be treated to photographic imagery  from Tanzania and the fws project during the performance.

"My work there certainly provided many photographic opportunities and the inspiration for a small collection of poems I will be performing this year at QPF called '€œSame Sky'€. Together, my photographs and poems create a narrative that explores the physical and cultural landscape through the eyes of a westerner (Mzungu), they connect us to universal hardships and celebrations that we all experience under the same sky."- Cindy Keong

Venue:  Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Check out the full details and read Cindy's bio and full interview at the festival website: