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Kesho Leo open house!

'€œYou can spray vegetables with synthetic chemicals, but they will not have color like these,'€ explains John Laizer, farm manager at Kesho Leo. The discussion veers towards the use of organic pesticides made on-site from chili peppers, garlic and neem as the tour group listens intently and stews up some more questions.

Touring the farms was just one aspect of Kesho Leo's open house this past Saturday. All of the mamas welcomed the guests into their home and worked hand in hand with the volunteers and employees to make the event fun, informative, and filling (you should have seen the food the mamas cooked)!

Information was available on free community English classes, healthcare, farming, and the general workings of Kesho Leo. The tours consisted of greetings by Kesho Leo staff and discussions of the various innovative solutions that exist in the system that is Kesho Leo: education, healthcare, permaculture and organic farming, biogas production, solar and wind power collection, rainwater harvesting, composting toilets, sustainable buildings, etc.

Kiswahili, Kimaa, English and Swa-nglish were in the air after the tours, especially once the feast began! Managers Mudi and Pete gave heartfelt speeches and welcomed the community once again to all that Kesho Leo has to offer.

Overall, the day was great for encouraging ties with the surrounding community. Indeed the open house is a stepping stone for much more community involvement in the future. In terms of education, the community English classes will likely have increased attendance, while the farm crew is trying to stimulate formation of a community farmers'€™ group to promote sustainable agriculture. Kesho Leo staff and mamas were left with pride and motivation, guests walked away with new ideas, and all exchanged many '€œasante sana's.'€