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Back care education at Kesho Leo

Prevention is better than cure - Back care education at Kesho Leo

With the mamas keeping themselves busy in the shamba (farm), chekechea (kindergarten), sewing and general daily activities, the health team thought it was about time for a bit of education on back care and injury prevention.

Luckily we are fortunate enough to know a fantastic physiotherapist called Remla, who was more than happy to put together a presentation for the mamas. It started with a site, activity assessment and general observation of the mamas by Remla. She then put together a presentation and we were on our way to better back care!

The afternoon started with a discussion on what back pain is and how different activities can cause strain. It followed with Remla asking all mamas, Pete (KL volunteer Manager) and Lauren (KL volunteer Nurse) to stand up and have their posture assessed. This was an interesting discovery for most people on how they think they stand and how they actually stand.

The great part of the education session was that Remla showed the mamas different ways to work on the Shamba, posture for sewing, cooking and some alternative ways to lift buckets to reduce strain that can be caused by activities.

Then came the active part of the afternoon. Remla asked all the mamas to come up one by one and practice some different exercises, to strengthen core muscles and to relieve the initial stages of back strain. Initially it was a bit of a laugh for everyone but by the end even Bibi Franki was eagerly practicing some stretches.

It was a great afternoon, the mamas asked a lot of questions and we now have some pictures of exercises for mamas to practice, pinned up on the wall at Kesho Leo.

It can be safely said that all the mamas and even Pete got a lot out of the afternoon. Pete has even agreed to join in on some Pilates sessions with Lauren. Lets see if his words turn into actions!