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Upendo A Mbuya

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fws social worker and (acting) manager

working with fws because

My name is Upendo A Mbuya. I’m married and a mother to a son. I’m a social worker and acting manager at fws Arusha Tanzania. I have been working at fws since October 2014. fws has been the proper place for my career development as a social worker, giving me the opportunity to apply my knowledge in this field and more as I’m working with children, vulnerable women, the local community and fws employees.

I like working at fws because it has given me a lot of chances that are very good for me and my future work. fws has saved me from being unemployed, which is a very big problem in Tanzania, especially for the people in the field of social work and my work helps me to support my family and the community at large. I like the people I work with and I’m learning a lot from everybody and everyone inspires me through their work and contribution at fws.


My responsibilities for the job include, but are not limited to: ensuring the proper operation of the Kesho Leo residence ensuring the children’s psychological, educational and physical wellbeing. Ensuring that the orphaned children are well and the children’s village policies are followed, being the link between fws and the social welfare department, ensuring a good working environment and implementation of staff policies, writing monthly reports to the social welfare department, supervising all fws activities, attending different management meetings and reporting to the Tanzania and Australia board.

favourite thing about fws

My favourite things at fws include: its house project for the mamas, how good this helps the mamas who come from vulnerable situations and how they are now settling in their houses and can be in control of their lives; the orphanage project that saves the children and provides them with a better future and agriculture activities at the farm.


Outside fws, I like to be involved with small businesses, visiting various organisations where I learn a lot from the staff and spending time with my family.


Last update: 1 Nov 2016