We build early learning eco-friendly children's villages and big, bright futures

Kesho Crew (Previous Years)

Anne Turner

fws founding member
A founding member and passionate writer.

Geoff Gaskell

fws Tanzania vice-president
I want to see Tanzanians making a difference in the development of their country.

Kelsey Schwabe

fws founding member
Founding member Kelsey is hooked on being a part of this group of passionate, intelligent, fun, like minded people who volunteer for fws

Moses Lang’asani Laizer

fws farm worker
My name is Moses Lang’asani Laizer. I’m from Engosengiu, Sinoni Arusha. I’m a farm worker at fws.

Patel Ng’ida

fws cow keeper
I’m the cow keeper of four milking cows Bahati, Riziki, Upendo and Zawadi.

Regina Henry Mrema

fws Kesho Leo education manager
Regina loves seeing children develop and grow.

Shona Arneil

fws founding member
fws founding member, Shona, loves her day job as an English as a second language (ESL) teacher, and sees fws as an important part of who she is.

Upendo A Mbuya

fws social worker and (acting) manager
I enjoy my work as social worker at fws applying my knowledge, helping children and vulnerable women.