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Shona Arneil

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fws founding member

volunteering with fws because

I love the village of Sinon in Tanzania. It has been my home for varying lengths of time over the last seven years and has taught me so much. I enjoy my paid work but I see the establishment of fws as an important part of who I am.


Managing the education programs in Tanzania. Keeping in contact with the entire team in Australia and in Tanzania.

favourite thing about fws

The knowledge base and values underpinning fws. The daily contact with Tanzania and the vast amount of employment that is being created in the village of Sinon.

my day job

I’m an English as a Second Language teacher working across several primary schools in Brisbane.


  • Running long distances for no reason
  • Dark chocolate, nuts, red wine, soy coffee (in no particular order)
  • Everything healthy (benefits often counteracted by the above)
  • Quality time with good friends discussing the important things
  • My extended family that just keeps extending
  • Travel, live music, beautiful things, reading good stuff, meeting interesting people and hearing new stories