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Photographic evidence that I'm all about Africa even when I'm not there: Exhibit A - Reading about Africa all the time (figure if I'm not there, I might as well pretend to be - and besides The Kelsinator expects prompt feedback on every new 'Africa' book to hit the shelves).

When I spent a year volunteering in Tanzania, East Africa in 2003, at The School of St Jude (set up by Australian Gemma Rice), I suspected I was doing something that would change my life. It did - I haven't bought shoes or handbags since, can't leave a tap running and keep wondering why everybody here is so caught up with making money.

What I didn't suspect was how much it would change other people's lives. Nor how addictive 'helping out' would become. When I returned to Sydney after the year in Africa, I ran into my boyfriend from primary school, Darren Stratti, and decided he was still quite handsome, chivalrous and entertaining. It turned out that he was also accepting of my rather random plan to 'return to Africa to help by building a children's village', and in fact, motivated by it. Obviously destiny, given he works in the building industry! And it's been an absolute luxury to have somebody to share my midnight panic attacks about 'getting it all done'!

Anyway, if you're reading this it means you're interested in helping fws out, which is great, because if you ask me, having everybody 'helping out' might just be the key to making the world a fairer place.