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Penny Johnston

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fws social media manager

volunteering with fws because

I have loved reading about fws almost since it began and I am so happy to be volunteering as the communications manager. I think that fws is such a great project. I love that it helps children, the environment and vulnerable women and it gives Australians the opportunity to show how much they care about people somewhere else in the world.

favourite thing about fws

That it’s a project that involves children, ecological principals and Australian volunteers

My day job

I am a journalist with ABC Radio something that I’ve done for nearly 25 years. In my day job I produce a podcast about babies and parents, it’s called Babytalk, I love it so much that if I won a million dollars I’d still come to work!


  • my family − husband Jamie and son Harry
  • caring for little children and watching them grow
  • helping women to succeed in difficult circumstances
  • education for everyone
  • having a good chat
  • chocolate