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Patel Ng’ida

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fws cow keeper

I’m Patel Ng’ida, from Arusha Sinoni, and I’m cow keeper at fws. I’m now taking care of four milking cows Bahati, Riziki, Upendo and Zawadi. I love them very much and I’m happy to work with them.

working with fws because

I like working at fws because it gives me employment, which helps me support my family, fws helps the community of Engo a lot hence I like to work here so that I can help too. I like the way we are paid our salaries on time and I also like the people I’m working with.


My job responsibilities include: feeding the cows, which involves cutting the grassess for them too, cleaning them and their sheds, milking and selling the milk, reporting on their health or other problems and sometimes helping Moses at the farm.

Favourite thing about fws

My favourite thing about fws is the way it helps the community of Engo. For example, giving employment to the people in the area who could be jobless without fws, the education fws provides to the people like the bee keeping education and the way it uses the fws car to help the community any time someone is faced with health problems, especially taking sick people and pregnant women to hospital, which has saved the lives of many people and I also like what fws does with the Kesho Leo school.


Outside kesholeo I like engaging in farming activities like working in the farm and animal keeping.


Last update: 1 Nov 2016