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Moses Lang’asani Laizer

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fws farm worker

working with fws because

I like to work at fws because of many reasons but, because of time, I will mention a few. They are as follows: working here provides me with an employment opportunity which helps me earn an income to support my family and my whole life. I also like to work here because fws encourages its people by offering them different training like the bee-keeping and permaculture training, for which I was one of the trainees. This helps me when I’m working here, and any other place in the future as it provided me with other skills than the ones I had.


My responsibilities include, but are not limited to cultivating and digging the volunteer village vegetable garden, which has various crops like bananas and a fruits garden, watering the garden, caring for seedlings, putting manure to the garden from our cow dung, and selling our vegetables and fruits to the community and at the Meat King [a Dutch-run gourmet delicatessen] in town every working Friday. 

Favourite thing about fws

My favorite things at fws are the fish pond project, the vegetable garden and the orphanage as it helps the vulnerable children and the community as a whole.


When Im out of fws, I like to work on my farm and help my family with different activities like chicken and cow keeping and self employment, like carpentry.


Last update: 1 Nov 2016