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Kelsey Schwabe

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fws founding member

(used to be Wilson, then I married Ben)

I'm volunteering with fws because

Once you are in you are hooked on being a part of this group of passionate, intelligent, fun, like minded people who volunteer for fws and after spending time at Kesho Leo you want to stay connected to building the capacity of the wonderful village of Sinon and then who knows where else our blueprint will grow.


  • Trying to improve my communication skills and aid our very large comms team in getting the perfectly pitched fws message out for all to enjoy.
  • Contributing to the direction of fws by being involved in board decisions.
  • Staying in regular content with the Kesho Leo team to offer any advice or support on tricky situations as well as encouragement for their hard work!

Other things in my life

  • My man Ben and the coffees he makes me every day (so lucky)
  • My family, all my nieces and nephews, soon to be six of them
  • Just started studying masters of clinical psych part time! As well as working full time at a very busy refugee centre.
  • Going for walks'n'talks and sunny Melbourne beer gardens.