We build early learning eco-friendly children's villages and big, bright futures

Founding Members

Anne Turner

fws founding member
A founding member and passionate writer.

darren stratti (rip)

fws founding member
Founding member Darren loved being in Tanzania and building Kesho Leo children's village.

edwina hammond

fws founding member
Edwina spent early 2007 in Tanzania, travelling, volunteer teaching, and doing a bit of groundwork for fws... and after a year in Africa found that she just couldn't walk away.

Joe Ward

fws USA board member & founding member
Joe is one of fws's 10 founding members.

Kelsey Schwabe

fws founding member
Founding member Kelsey is hooked on being a part of this group of passionate, intelligent, fun, like minded people who volunteer for fws

rebecka darling-darren (rip)

fws founding member
When Rebecka spent a year volunteering in Tanzania, East Africa in 2003, at The School of St Jude she suspected she was doing something that would change her life. What she didn't suspect was how much it would change other people's lives.

Robert Cork

fws USA president, permaculture manager & founding member
Environmental guru Rob had his first life-changing trip to Tanzania in 2003, and has since been involved in fws both on the ground and in Australia.

Shona Arneil

fws founding member
fws founding member, Shona, loves her day job as an English as a second language (ESL) teacher, and sees fws as an important part of who she is.