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Elaine Macdonald

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fws Australia secretary

working for fws because

Having known Rebecka and Darren for many years and seeing how much energy and passion they put into getting fws off the ground, it’s an honour to be asked by Rebecka to join the team. It gives me an opportunity to contribute to a project that has so much potential.


Board communication and meetings, maintaining records, taking minutes, following meeting protocol – meeting agendas, etc.

Favourite things about fws:

The forward thinking of the organisation – that is working towards making Kesho Leo self-sustainable by empowering and educating people to succeed, developing new skills via training, and conceiving and implementing initiatives to enable financial independence. 

my day job

I am retired and have a very full life as I’m always off somewhere or doing and seeing things at home in Sydney.


  • travelling the world, returning to places I love, and seeing and learning about new places
  • sharing and enjoying the company of family and friends
  • doing the best job I can at anything I do