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edwina hammond

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Primary School Teacher by day, I spend most of my spare time outdoors. If it's a sunny day, you'll find me swimming at the beach, cycling or hiking through a national park. If I could make a profession from camping, I would.

I spent early 2007 in Tanzania, travelling, volunteer teaching, and doing a bit of groundwork for fws. Now I'm based in the UK for a while, teaching at an international school.

When I'm in Australia, I try to camp at least once a month - and sometimes even manage to arrange to camp with Beck. We don't go for places with heaps of people or amenities. We like to keep things simple - like they were in Africa when we volunteered together - we had no electricity, no running water (sometimes no water at all!) and slept on a foam mattress on a floor most of the time. We loved it. And we especially loved it, knowing that this is how our African neighbours lived.

After spending my year teaching in Africa, I found that I just couldn't walk away. I loved the kids I taught, the Tanzanian people and my simple lifestyle. I think Africa affects you in a way that's hard to describe but one thing I do know is that I want to keep giving, I want to give to the people that gave me so much. So I'll keep going back, whenever I can, and help out a little more...