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darren stratti (rip)

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About me? Father of two teenage boys, who I'm very proud of. When I'm not in Africa, I live in Sydney with the love of my life and fws president, Rebecka. Have a strange attraction to uncomfortable situations, not sure if it's an illness yet, but it does help me to fearlessly jump in and have a go at anything.

Been working on all types of building projects from bridge and wharf construction, dams, roads and railways, high-rise and cottage homes. Absolutely love music in all shapes and sizes and am known to spend every free minute playing guitar and writing songs.

Have a great desire to use my skills to help others and fws is that opportunity. Love being in Tanzania and building Kesho Leo children's village. Hoping to help make fws something fantastic, world-wide, where like-minded people can join in and share their talents to help others.