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Carol Stynes

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fws book keeper

working with fws because

I had never heard of fws, but one of my daughters (I have four daughters and one son), is a journalist with the ABC and she interviewed Shona Arneil, who was one of the original team who started fws.  As I had recently retired, my daughter thought I needed a project!  She offered my help while on air in Queensland, so I really felt obliged!!!


Supporting the treasurer by performing monthly and annual accounting for fws, liaising with our payment provider (Rotary) and ensuring all money is accounted for!

favourite thing about fws

I love the fact that fws has such a low percentage of costs in proportion to donations received, thanks to it being an all volunteer organisation. 

my day job

I worked as Financial Controller for a Hotel Management Company, so I have a background in management and accounting.


Despite my status as an elder, I still have a lot of energy.  We are passionate about travel, good food and wine, and our family.

I have five (very adult) children, 11 grandchildren - two granddaughters and nine grandsons.  I have been married for over fifty years, and we are still talking to each other.  Lucky.