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long-term partners

fws has been lucky to count with the support of sponsors and friends. They include:

Golder Trust for Orphans logo

Golder Trust for Orphans
Improving lives through sustainable solutions...

Golder Trust for Orphans is a global ground engineering and environmental services group. As part of their commitment to sustainability, Golder Associates formed Golder Trust for Orphans in 2003. The Trust supports sustainable development projects, with a focus on organisations that provide services for orphaned or displaced children and families in Africa, particularly families and dependents of people living with HIV/AIDS. This makes them a perfect match with fws!

In August 2009, Golder Trust generously agreed to contribute US$22,414 towards a solar system to power Kesho Leo children’s village. These funds will provide solar power for the sleeping boma accommodation units, the early learning education centre, and the health clinic. The solar system will help Kesho Leo have reliable, safe, self-sufficient and cost-effective lighting, some general power outlets, and eco-friendly refrigeration, all thanks to the sun – and Golder Trust!

The Trust keeps an eye out for sustainable initiatives, and knew they were onto something good when they visited Kesho Leo. They are keen to work with fws to assist in and promote the sustainable development of fws’s eco-friendly children’s villages.

fws looks forward to your partnership, Golder Trust for Orphans!

Cotton On Foundation 

Cotton On Foundation

The Cotton On Foundation has been donating to charities since 1991 and has now formed a relationship with fws.

They have kindly contributed about US$40,000 to help fws expand the solar power system, purchase a new generator and support Kesho Leo village's infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Thank you, Cotton On Foundation!


Watson Architecture + Design

Watson Architecture logo

Watson Architecture + Design founded in 1997 by Robert Watson,  a qualified Industrial Designer and Architect, is registered to practice in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

The practice is committed to exploring new types of building systems and materials to advance the application of design into the built environment, and where possible enforce the principles of environmentally sustainable development.

For more information visit www.watsonarchitecture.com.


Edmund Rice Secondary School, Tanzania, East Africa

Edmund Rice Secondary School Sinon logo

The school's motto 'hope through education' encourages study and work in the hope for a better future for the individual, the community and the nation.

For more information visit www.edmundricesinon.com.


Goldman Sachs JBWere Foundation

goldman sachs jbwere foundation logo

In June 2009, the Goldman Sachs JBWere Foundation awarded a generous grant of A$19,329 to fws, for the fit out of Kesho Leo's bathroom, laundry, kitchen and sewing room. The funds enabled fws to deliver rainwater to the kitchen and covered the costs of cookware, plastic storage, benches, cupboards… and even four kitchen sinks! The Goldman Sachs JBWere Foundation began in 1973 as the JBWere & Son Charitable Fund. The Foundation supports Australian charities, with a particular focus on innovative projects for disadvantaged youth.

Kesho Leo’s house mamas were delighted to be able to upgrade their few basic machines to good quality sewing machines and overlockers, with the funds for the sewing room. This will help the mamas develop their successful hobby sewing (already selling well at local markets) into a small business. fws provides training and assistance in small business management and setting up savings schemes.

Other items covered by the Goldman Sachs JBWere Foundation grant included buckets, toilets, doors, a stepladder, and a clothes line…all helping to create a comfortable and functional home at Kesho Leo for the house mamas and children.

Thank you, Goldman Sachs JBWere Foundation!


Lonely Planet

lonely planet logo

As passionate travellers themselves, the Lonely Planet team likes giving something back to the incredible places that have inspired them for so many years. Lonely Planet has been publishing for more than 30 years the most trusted travel guides and much more for travellers.

The not-for-profit organisations that Lonely Planet support are based mainly in the developing world, and focus first and foremost on health and education, and secondarily on conservation and environmentalism.

Hey, that sounds like us! And apparently it is - fws is incredibly grateful for Lonely Planet's generous financial support!

Thank you Lonely Planet!


Planet Wheeler

planet wheeler logo

Planet Wheeler has been incredibly generous to fws, paying for all the setup costs for the Kesho Leo permaculture systems and grounds. The A$36,000 grant payed for things like the biogas system, livestock sheds, livestock, irrigation systems and more to feed our mamas and kids, as well as support for a sustainable income project. After selling the majority of Lonely Planet in 2008 to BBC World, Tony and Maureen Wheeler still wanted to continue supporting non-profit organisations and projects around the world, and so set up the Planet Wheeler Foundation.

Not only that, but Planet Wheeler were also incredibly supportive in helping cover many of fws's expenses relating to the tragic incident on 30 June 2008, for which fws is truly grateful.

Thank you Planet Wheeler.


Aussies For Orphans

aussies for orphans logo

fws managed to impress the visitors enough for them to grant funding of $36,000 to cover six of eight Kesho Leo sleeping bomas being built at the time. fws enjoys a magnificent, warm, fun and friendly relationship with AFO and is incredibly grateful for their ongoing support. We look forward to continuing our journey with them in coming years! These fantastic Aussies spend all their time fundraising for not-for-profit organisations that look after orphans (you know, such as fws!). After a two-month volunteering stint at Kesho Leo children's village in Tanzania in 2007, AFO's Janelle Gibson convinced AFO board members, Sue and Steve Lewis to pop in and check us out.

Thank you Aussies for Orphans.


The Francis Kealy Fund

francis kealy fund photo

The Kesho Leo Francis Kealy Library has been created and developed thanks to support from the Francis Kealy Fund. This fund commemorates the lives of Mr and Mrs Frank and Patricia Kealy Francis and their contribution to education in Tanzania. It was set up by their daughter, Janey Francis, who was a volunteer for fws in September 2009. 

Frank and Patricia Kealy Francis moved to Tanzania in 1956 when Frank took up a position at a school in Mbeya where their son Mark was born. In 1959 he was invited to set up a secondary school as the headmaster in Iringa where Janey was born. This successful school, named after St Michael and St George, was the first to offer education to both European and Tanzanian students and was visited by the then president of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere, and Princess Margaret of England. It is now known as Mkwawa College, named after a Tanzanian revolutionary.

The library will provide invaluable educational opportunities for Kesho Leo's children, mamas, workers and the wider community.

Thank you, Francis Kealy Fund!


If your organisation is up for contributing some expertise to fws for the long-haul (a year, a couple of years, a decade or so!), then we see you as our support team, our much-needed supporters.

For more info about becoming a supporter of fws's by having your company contribute expertise probono, please contact us.