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kiswahili pdc

Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course

Arusha, Tanzania, June 22nd to July 3rd, 2015

Presented in Swahili

foodwater shelter and the Kenyan Permaculture Research Institute (PRI Kenya) are pleased to offer Kiswahili speakers the opportunity to attend this Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course.

This course will be presented 100% in Kiswahili, led by qualified permaculture trainer Nicholas Syano of PRI Kenya, together with a local team of presenters that includes representatives from one of Tanzania’s foremost agricultural institutes, staff of local NGOs and businesses, and foodwatershelter’s own staff and farm workers.
Over this 12-day course you will learn to use the ethics and principles of permaculture design in:
  • Sustainable farming and backyard gardening for self-reliance and excess
  • Soil management using composting, swale design and other simple techniques
  • Surface water management and rainwater harvesting 
  • Aquaculture, livestock and poultry care
  • Natural forest regeneration and biodiverse food forests 
  • Income generation solutions such as mushroom and honey production 
  • Sanitation solutions such as compost toilets and biodigesters 
  • Permaculture ethics and principles of site design and integrated systems 
  • Village design, natural building and appropriate technologies including fuel efficient stoves

The course costs US$450* with scholarships available.

(*scholarships are available through application for East African based participants, as well as group discounts)


2015 Kiswahili PDC Flyer (pdf)

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