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Kesho Leo Social Welfare Manager

position title

Kesho Leo Social Welfare Manager


Full time (mostly Monday-Friday; however may include additional time facilitating community education.)


3 month posting with an option to extend.


Sinon, Arusha region, Tanzania, East Africa  

position purpose

The aim of the Kesho Leo Social Welfare Manager is to:
  • Increase the safety, health and wellbeing of:
  1. Residents residing at Kesho Leo (KL) and 
  2. Community members living outside of Kesho Leo
  • Lead a team of caretakers, community development coordinator and others to ensure programs and services are delivered in a child-centric, best practice manner;
  • Represent Health, Education and Social Welfare programs directly to the foodwatershelter (fws) board;
  • Increase foodwatershelter’s capacity to support the community through enhancing Tanzanian-centered social welfare resources (including resources that are in Ki Swahili) and increasing partnerships within the Sinon and Arusha community.

roles and responsibilities 

As part of the Social Welfare team in Australia and Tanzania, the KL SW Manager is responsible for developing, implementing and managing the Social Welfare Program, including:

A. KL Residents
  • Supporting orphans and vulnerable children and families who reside at Kesho Leo by 
    • Providing assessment of children’s and families needs when they first come to Kesho Leo;
    • Developing an individual support plan for the child or family for six months (on an as needs basis);
    • Providing counselling on an as needs basis;
    • Ensuring orphans have regular contact with their extended family in the community (e.g. at least once per month either by phone, email or visit in person);
    • Ensuring children residing at Kesho Leo have regular Access to their biological families (e.g minimum monthly contact of phone or face to face);
    • Facilitating forums for communication amongst residents, including mama’s meetings, attendance and input into at management meetings and advocacy in relation to children’s parliament. 
    • Promoting the harmony and wellbeing of all residents at Kesho Leo
    • Facilitating regular meetings with Kesho Leo house mamas to ensure communication and positive relationships are maintained at Kesho Leo
    • Promoting a community sense of support amongst residents.
B. Outreach clients
  • Supporting vulnerable families and community members outside of Kesho Leo to increase their safety and independence through: 
    • Delivering a community-based micro finance program; 
    • Delivery of outreach support services to vulnerable families through a process of an assessment and development of an appropriate plan for that family for a maximum of 12 months; 
    • Providing vulnerable families with appropriate and safe accommodation;
    • Identifying and assessing families for checkachea and primary sponsorships each year; 
  • To coordinate the development and implementation of a HES education program for the broader community (identification of areas, networking and coordination with NGOs and institutions for its delivery, development and implementation a monitoring and evaluation system). 
  • Develop and implement strategies to improve the livelihoods of the outreach program clients, i.e. employment partnerships, coordinating with all mangers across all fields of fws
  • Coordinate with the HESP team for identification and follow up of areas of intervention.
  • Maintain and update contacts database on a regular basis and upload to basecamp.
C. Community Development
  • Hosting regular (at least quarterly) board meetings with the fws Tanzanian board. 
  • Supporting community members to have greater awareness in relation to rights and responsibilities and strengthening the promotion of women’s and children’s rights, health access for all and strengthening partnerships amongst NGOS in Engo Sengui and the wider Arusha area by maintaining contact and engagement with the local community and awareness of events, including the development and delivery of events as appropriate. 
  • Liaise with other NGO’s and institutions for alternatives to house children. 
  • To develop the network of fws with other NGO’s, institutions, networks, etc, related to women and children’s rights, especially in health and education areas. 
  • Increasing foodwatershelter’s capacity to support the community through enhancing Tanzanian-centered social welfare resources (including resources that are in ki Swahili)
  • To develop and strengthen the relationships of fws with the broader community
  • Identify relevant stakeholders to form strategic partnerships with, including 
    • Universities (who offer social welfare training programs); 
    • Businesses that we could develop partnerships for in relations to establishing employment opportunities for community members;
    • Philanthropic organizations
    • Social welfare, Health and education services in the local area
D. Others
  • Report to Community Development Coordinator in Tanzania.
  • Closely coordinate with the Social Welfare team in Tanzanian and Australia. 
  • Work with other volunteers in maintaining and developing relationships with the Kesho Leo Community, employees and other local education communities, specifically Engosengiu primary school and Edmund Rice Secondary School.
  • Provide good news articles and updates for use in the fws  gimme shelter newsletter, and maintain/contribute to the fws team blog.
  • Provide appropriate updates of family achievements and cohesion four times a year to our sponsorship co-ordinator to keep our donors informed of families’ progress.
  • Meet narrative and financial reporting requirements as directed
  • Be conscious of security requirements in a developing environment.
  • To work as part of a multidisciplinary team to provide support where required in the daily running of Kesho Leo.

key performance indicators

  • Kesho Leo residents will continue to be happy and healthy.
  • SW manager will attend 90% of mama’s meetings 
  • SW manager will mediate conflict as required and have all conflicts documented and uploaded on basecamp at the end of each month.
  • Any child protection concerns will be documented and responded to within 24 hours of the event occurring. 
  • All assessments for scholarships to be completed by December at the end of each year
  • A micro-finance program will be delivered for a minimum of 20 community members each year. 
  • Delivery of a minimum of 4 community education workshops per year on relevant social welfare issues.
  • Implementation of evaluation and outcomes measures for all social welfare programs
  • Development of an appropriate social welfare Budget by May each year. 
  • Minimum of 2 good news stories for Gimme Shelter newsletter each year
  • Health and Education managers report feeling heard and responded to.

liaise with

  • Kesho Leo Board
  • Kesho Leo Community Development Officer (Lucas Mayoba) and caretakers;
  • fws social welfare advisor (Loretta Crombie) 
  • Kesho Leo Nurse (currently unfilled)
  • Kesho Leo Education Manager (Regina Mrema)
  • Kesho Leo Permaculture Manager (John Laiza)
  • Kesho Leo Finance Volunteer (Jocelynn Rodrigues)
  • Kesho Leo Tanzania team
  • fws president (Loretta Crombie)
  • fws finance team
  • fws grants team
  • Other fws volunteers as required

report to

  • fws Tanzanian Board
  • fws Australian Board President (Loretta Crombie)
  • fws social welfare advisor (Loretta Crombie)

skills & requirements

  • Applicant MUST have a bachelor’s degree in social work
  • Ability to lead a team with best practice principles
  • Ability to be flexible and pioneering in relation to finding ways to address issues of poverty, human rights issues and child protection;
  • Experience in social welfare, including ability to conduct an social welfare needs analysis
  • Motivated, interested and keen to learn new skills  
  • Must be able to work autonomously and as a team member as well as maintaining strong communication with the Kesho Leo Project Manager, social welfare advisor 
  • Trustworthy
  • Highly value the importance of confidentiality
  • Committed to achieving goals in timely manner
  • Easily develop rapport with Kesho Leo residents, fellow staff, community members and Australia based board and advisors. 

hear the kesho crew calling you?

Please email esta.mariki@foodwatershelter.org.au