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Kesho Leo Project Development Consultant

position title

Kesho Leo Project Development Consultant


Full time, 12-month posting, handover period included.
Available June 2014


Arusha region, Tanzania, East Africa


Kesho Crew

position purpose 

This exciting and important fws position involves working closely with the Kesho Leo Project Manager in the day to day running of Kesho Leo children’s village (delivering effective health, education, social welfare and permaculture programs) and mentoring the Kesho Leo team to build business development activities. The primary purpose of this role is to strengthen the Kesho Leo management team to have a reduced reliance on international support and volunteers.
The Project Development Consultant is supported by a number of key positions both at Kesho Leo (such as the Kesho Leo Finance Manager, Social Welfare, Education and Farm Managers) and in Australia (such as the fws Board, advisors, and the fws Finance Team). The Kesho Leo Project Manager has overall responsibility for the management of 20 to 30 local staff and a small number of in-country volunteers at a time.  

primary responsibilities

  • Provide support and guidance to the Tanzanian Project Manager to develop their skills in staff management, project management and leadership.
  • Support the Kesho Leo Project Manager to build and/or strengthen the local management team.
  • Work with the Kesho Leo Project Manager and the Tanzanian and Australian boards to coordinate the planning, implementation and reporting of Kesho Leo children’s village programs according to strict deadlines and within budget.
  • Provide support to the Kesho Leo Project Manager to  
    • ensure the emotional and social wellbeing of Kesho Leo house mamas, children and staff is supported through the provision of education, team building and social support conducted by local staff, local services or skilled volunteers.
    • supervise local staff members to coordinate classes for the local community on sustainable living, health, small business, social welfare and language.
    • oversee the provision of news articles, social media posts, photos and project updates to the communications team to use in marketing material.
    • maintain all Kesho Leo property, identifying, troubleshooting and addressing maintenance issues in a timely manner.
  • Support the maintenance and growth of business development and income generating activities that are led by the Business Development Officer.  
  • Provide a monthly report on project updates at Kesho Leo/volunteer village to the fws board and management committee, including cost projections, taking input from other Kesho Leo lead staff and volunteers.
  • Ensure financial reporting requirements are met as directed
  • Be conscious of security requirements in a developing country, and work with and develop further improvements.
  • Lead the fws-Arusha NGO, ensuring it meets all local requirements and is clearly aligned with and contributing to developing the broader fws vision and plans.

secondary responsibilities

  • Manage fws Kesho Leo volunteers, visitors and interns, ensuring guests are provided with the necessary resources, facilities and support to have a successful and fulfilling placement.
  • Develop and encourage effective fws networks with local NGOs and key project staff to share resources and knowledge within community groups and maintain relationships with local businesses and services in Arusha.
  • Contribute to the writing of grant applications and reports as required by the Australian-based Grants Team.

key performance indicators

  • Successful mentoring of Kesho Leo Project Manager to manage the project independently and of Kesho Leo Managers to manage Kesho Leo Health, Education, Social Welfare and Permaculture Programs independently.
  • Supporting the Kesho Leo Project Manager and key program area managers to effectively budget to meet the requirements of all key areas within Kesho Leo within a timely manner.
  • Provision of regular planned updates to management and the board on project progress, budgeting, human development and cultural developments.
  • Progress in the development and delivery of sustainable income generating programs for Kesho Leo.
  • Positive feedback from the local community, staff and volunteers.
  • Evidence of stronger ties with the local community groups and other relevant bodies within Arusha and other areas.
  • Successful delivery of local projects in health, education, permaculture and social welfare as agreed with the fws board.

liaise with

  • fws Kesho Leo Project Manager
  • fws Kesho Leo finance manager
  • fws Kesho Leo staff and volunteers
  • fws President
  • fws Board
  • fws Management Committee

report to

fws President


  • Free accommodation (onsite)
  • Monthly stipend
  • Priceless memories

skills & requirements

  • Experience working in a developing country
  • Project management experience
  • Proven team leadership and mentoring skills
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Relevant tertiary education qualifications or similar career experience 
  • Preferable international or local volunteer management experience 
  • Computer efficiency in the Internet, Microsoft Word and Excel

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