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Kesho Leo Finance Volunteer

position title

Kesho Leo Finance Volunteer


Full time Volunteer position, 12-month posting, including a handover period.


Arusha region, Tanzania, East Africa


fws Finance team

position purpose

This exciting and important Tanzania-based position in the fws Finance Team requires a diligent and thorough financial record-keeper and planner to maintain and report on primary records of Kesho Leo income and expenditure. You will live in the volunteer village at Kesho Leo and work closely with both the Kesho Leo Manager (and staff) in Tanzania and the fws Treasurer/Finance Team Manager in Australia to track, report on and help forecast daily, monthly and annual Kesho finances. You will provide additional financial summaries on request for website updates, grant applications and reports, and other items specified by the Kesho Leo Manager and fws Finance Team Manager. 


  • To track income and expense transactions for all Kesho operations throughout each month.
  • To prepare a monthly profit and loss summary and send to fws Treasurer by the 5th of the following month.
  • To prepare and submit a monthly bank reconciliation by the 5th of the following month.
  • To work closely with the Kesho Manager and fws Treasurer to maintain an accurate rolling cash flow forecast for Kesho Leo and submit on the 5th of each month. This includes timing the release of available funds as per agreed program timelines and agreed specific uses of those funds (e.g. income received through grants is specified for particular expenditures).
  • Meet financial reporting requirements as directed, but specifically from the fws Funding Manager, the fws Program Manager and the fws Treasurer, working with the fws Kesho Leo Manager locally.
  • To maintain an accurate account of funds that need to be spent for specific purposes, such as grants. This involves an understanding of grant details and reporting requirements.
  • To assist in preparation of annual budget and forecasts for Kesho Leo operations.
  • To prepare and submit (on request) financial information for reporting on grant applications and to update fws website etc.
  • To maintain the petty cash and expense reimbursement systems in Kesho Leo.
  • To maintain, educate and reinforce finance policies and procedures for Kesho Leo.
  • To inform both Kesho Leo Manager and fws Treasurer/Finance Team Manager of any issues which may impact the operations and finances of Kesho Leo as soon as they arise.
  • To work with the Kesho Leo Manager and staff to provide accurate costings for the items Kesho requires funding for and the current costs of those items, to assist the fundraising effort in Australia. 

key performance indicators

  • Submitting accurate monthly transactions, P&L, cash flow forecast by 5th of each month.
  • Accurate maintenance of records of grant fund expenditure.
  • Accurate and timely financial reporting of both scheduled and ad-hoc information.
  • Strong application of internal controls, e.g. expense reimbursements, petty cash.

report to

  • fws Kesho Leo manager (in Tanzania)
  • fws finance team manager/treasurer (in Australia)

liaise with

  • fws treasurer and finance team
  • fws president
  • fws Kesho Leo manager
  • fws grants manager and team
  • fws program manager
  • fws funding manager
  • fws website subeditor
  • Other fws volunteers as required


  • Free accommodation (onsite)
  • Monthly stipend
  • Priceless memories

skills & requirements

  • We are looking for someone who is good with numbers and has a working knowledge of Excel (i.e. do you know how to use VLOOKUP?)
  • Bookkeeping skills and experience preferable, accounting skills and experience desirable to prepare accounts for profit and loss and to maintain a cash flow forecast.
  • Good Excel skills to maintain the monthly transactions file and to prepare ad-hoc reports as required.
  • Experience in handling cash flow issues is an advantage due to the inconsistent nature of cash inflows.
  • Must be a motivated and passionate self starter who can work autonomously as well as maintaining strong communication with the Kesho Leo Manager and the fws Finance Team Manager.
  • Have appreciation and be responsible for the application of strong finance procedures and controls.
  • Ability to negotiate fair compromises with local staff when it comes to requests for pay advances (under the guidance of the Kesho Leo Manager).
  • Ability to train and educate Kesho Leo staff to record transactions correctly.

think you're up for crunching the numbers?

Please email your applications and enquiries to  osvolunteer@foodwatershelter.org.au.