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Kesho Leo Business Development Manager

position title

Kesho Leo Business Development Manager


12 month posting including a 3 month probation period.

Possibility to extend based on performance and proven ability to generate income levels to sustain the position and support Kesho Leo.


Sinon, Arusha region, Tanzania.


Kesho Crew


This exciting and important position involves working with the Kesho Leo team to increase the organisation’s financial sustainability. The Business Development Manager will:

  • Grow existing, and develop new business opportunities to generate stable and reliable income sources to support the Kesho Leo Children’s Village and associated community development activities, and reduce the projects reliance on international donations; and
  • Work with the Kesho Leo team and management to improve the efficiency of current projects, and develop opportunities for improved return on investment of existing projects.
  • Generate enough income to make this role self-sustaining beyond the current 12 months funding.

The Business Development Consultant is supported by a number of key positions both at Kesho Leo (such as the Kesho Leo Finance, Social Welfare, Education and Farm Managers) and in Australia (such as the FoodWaterShelter (fws) Board, advisors, and the fws Finance Team).

roles and responsibilities

  • Complete the implementation of agricultural related income generating activities currently under development including:
    • Dairy cattle;
    • Honey production; and
    • Poultry for eggs.
  • Work with the Farm Manager to improve the efficiency and stability of farm produce sales, including but not limited to organic vegetables, milk, eggs, and honey. Responsibilities will include:
    • Maintain existing, and grow new markets for our produce that gain high prices based on fws products being organic and benefiting the community.
    • Liaise with the Farm Manager to plan for providing and marketing daily (eg: milk and eggs), weekly (eg: organic vegetable) and less regular produce (eg: livestock).
    • Track sales of all produce and identify opportunities for improvement and efficiency gains.
  • Lead the local team for the on-ground management of fws’s Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses that are a two-week courses hosted in Arusha two to four times per year. On-ground management will include local liaison with guest presenters, organising meals, transport, and venue, and hosting guests and instructors.
  • Liaise with the wider fws team to host guests as part of the Kesho Leo internship program. The internship program will include international guests paying for a three week experience staying at the Kesho Leo volunteer village.
  • Manage and grow permaculture based consultancy opportunities with other NGOs and projects throughout East Africa.
  • Work with the fws team to identify and improve income generation possibilities, improved returns on investment, and operating cost reductions through improved efficiencies.
  • Work with the fws team to identify and develop grant applications to support operating costs and project developments.
  • Build relationships with NGOs with the aim of developing mutually beneficial partnerships, and attracting students for the PDCs.
  • Additional position options may include
    • Consider community development related business opportunities that may result in cooperatives that have mutually beneficial results for fws and members of the community. This may include development of an 'organic vegetable growers' cooperative, or programs to support members of the community to produce honey.
    • Consider options for value adding to additional produce such as food drying, cheese making, etc.

key performance indicators

  • Ensure that all Kesho Leo produce is profitable.
  • Host PDCs within approved budgets and working to reduce costs.
  • Identify and recruit a minimum of five (5) participants as full fee paying attendees for each PDC.
  • Work with the fws team to build the intern program and ensure all interns to have a good quality experience, as reflected in intern feedback forms.
  • Ensure that all consulting clients are happy and all projects are profitable.
  • Development of an appropriate Budget by May each year that shows the profit that will be generated.
  • All activities developed that support the social welfare of the Kesho Leo residents and surrounding community.

liaise with

  • Kesho Leo Project Managers
  • Kesho Leo Farm Manager
  • Kesho Leo Finance Volunteer
  • Kesho Leo Tanzania team
  • fws President
  • fws Permaculture Advisors
  • fws finance team
  • fws grants team
  • Other fws volunteers as required

report to

  • Tanzanian General Manager
  • Tanzanian Board
  • Australian Board


Three (3) to five (5) days per week between Monday to Friday; however may include some outside of normal hours, particularly during internships, PDCs and other events.

skills & requirements

  • Business development and management experience;
  • Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) or interest in obtaining one;
  • Ability to lead a team with best practice principles;
  • Ability to be flexible and pioneering in relation to finding ways to address issues of income generation;
  • Motivated, interested and keen to learn new skills;
  • Must be able to work autonomously and as a team member as well as maintaining strong communication with the Kesho Leo Project Manager, Kesho Leo team, and wider fws team.
  • Ensure that all financial management and handling procedures are met;
  • Trustworthy and honest;
  • Committed to achieving goals in timely manner;
  • Easily develop rapport with Kesho Leo residents, fellow staff, community members and Australia based board and advisors.

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