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fws usa board member

general responsibilities

fws is looking for fws USA board members (president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary). The fws USA board is responsible for ensuring the following for fws USA and the Kesho Leo project:

  • strategic planning
  • corporate governance
  • financial accountability and sustainability
  • legal compliance (e.g. secretary role)
  • Kesho Leo program area development and connection
  • security
  • overseeing the running of fws USA (communications, human resources and fundraising).

The board should be open to self-evaluation and regularly review its membership to ensure constituent representation, board expertise and commitment.

Board members perform their duties through regular meetings, online discussions and, where necessary, subcommittees. Board members are expected to be well prepared for board meetings and ready to engage in thoughtful dialogue. If you are contemplating the board members positions, consider if you are willing, able and have enough time to put in the effort.

responsibilities of the board

The board is ultimately responsible for the performance of the fws in all areas of its work and should ensure that the organisation operates in compliance with the appropriate legislation and regulations.

Board members should understand their roles, duties and responsibilities and behave in accordance with the relevant legislation.

board members' responsibilities

Board member responsibilities include:

  • to be informed about fws mission, services, policies and programs
  • to be fully up-to-date on what fws is doing and what is happening in the industry
  • to be honest and careful in their dealings at all times
  • to attend all board and committee meetings and functions, such as special events
  • to prepare well for board and committee meetings
  • to serve on committees or task forces and offer to take on special assignments
  • to support fundraising activities
  • to inform others about the organisation
  • to report any conflict of interest and maintain confidentiality
  • to review fws’s annual financial statements

report to

As a member of the board, you will report directly to the president of the board. You may have volunteers who also report to you.

time commitment

Given the extensive roles of a board member, it is estimated this would require a commitment of between 5–10 hours per week (including checking emails at least three times per week).


For more information please contact Rebecka Darling-Darren.