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fws Sponsorship Program Manager

Job description

You will be responsible for creating and maintaining cohesive ‘sponsorship programs’ for fws. These ‘sponsorship programs’ will ensure fws donor sponsorship details are kept up to date, that fws acknowledges and thanks donors for their support and fws keeps accurate and updated details with the progress of those they are sponsoring and accounts are maintained appropriately. We envisage these records will be done via Excel spread sheets.

You will also be responsible for ensuring that all donors receive friendly, prompt and efficient service and communication.


You will be need Excel, communication and organisational skills.

liaise with

  • fws fundraising manager
  • fws corporate sponsorships liaison team

report to

  • fws fundraising manager


From the comfort of your home.

more information

For more information or interested in the position, email nicole.lucas@foodwatershelter.org.au