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fws permaculture volunteer

position title

fws permaculture volunteer


Full time volunteer position, 12 month posting, including handover period.
Available July 2014


Arusha region, Tanzania, East Africa


Kesho Crew / fws Permaculture Team

position purpose

To counterpart with Tanzanian staff and residents in the sustainable management and development of the Kesho Leo farms and environmental systems; while developing opportunities for economic sustainability and education. 


  • Counterpart with local staff regarding the development and maintenance of Kesho Leo’s environmental and permaculture systems.
  • Understand and implement the concepts of permaculture and environmental sustainability.
  • From the Kesho Leo farms, strive to meet productive living needs through the production of 100% of food, water, energy and shelter needs for the residents of Kesho Leo.
  • Develop and maintain economically viable and sustainable small business systems with the approval of the fws board, via the Program Proposal system.
  • Provide and manage permaculture education opportunities for Kesho Leo residents, staff and the wider community.
  • Research innovative and locally appropriate permaculture solutions from Tanzania and abroad to meet the fws goals.
  • Achieve all goals in an environmentally sustainable fashion while assisting in community development.
  • Formally report monthly to the fws Permaculture Manager and maintain informal communication at other appropriate intervals. Work with the fws Permaculture Team as appropriate.
  • Work and live harmoniously and productively with other volunteers.
  • Assist with site tours to visitors, residents, volunteers and others are times arranged by the Kesho Leo Manager.
  • Provide information (written and photographic) to the fws Australia Communications team outlining the work being undertaken so it may be used for promotional and fundraising purposes.
  • Provide information to the fws Australia Grants team as required for related grant applications or grants reporting.
  • Be willing to partake in email, phone or TV interviews as the fws Australia Media team is able to arrange them, outlining the work being undertaken.

key performance indicators

  • Through a counterpart arrangement assist in the educational and managerial development of Tanzanian staff.
  • Sustainably increase production of the Kesho Leo farms.
  • Research and put to the fws board for approval via an fws Program Proposal Form at least two permaculture based, economically viable business opportunities. Develop them.
  • Ensure that regular permaculture education opportunities exist for residents and that at least four community education opportunities occur per year.

liaise with

  • Kesho Leo Farm Manager
  • fws Permaculture Manager
  • fws Kesho Leo Manager
  • Tanzanian local staff, community and residents
  • Tanzanian Kesho Leo Assistance Manager
  • Other fws volunteers, based both in Tanzania and in Australia

report to

  • fws Permaculture Manager
  • fws Kesho Leo Manager


  • Free accommodation (on-site)
  • Monthly stipend

skills & requirements

  • A good understanding of sustainable production and living.
  • Practical experience and knowledge of organic farming and/or gardening.
  • Completion of a Permaculture Design Certificate.
  • An understanding of the operation and principles involved in systems such as compost toilets, biodigesters, rainwater harvesting and/or solar is an advantage.
  • Experience of travel or living in developing countries.
  • An understanding of rural and community development in developing countries.
  • Experience in providing education opportunities.
  • Formal qualifications are an advantage.
  • Intermediate computer skills.
  • Senior first aid and resuscitation, as a minimum.

personal qualities

  • Flexible, open-minded and able to adapt to changing and often challenging situations while living in Tanzania.
  • Excellent communication skills to assist in working with a broad range of staff including English and non-English speaking Tanzanians and international volunteers.
  • A passion for environmental protection and sustainable agricultural development, and an understanding of the importance of this in developing countries.
  • An ability to work as a diverse team, yet be independently driven and lead when required.
  • Effective problem solving and organisational skills.
  • Cross-cultural understanding and a desire to learn Kiswahili, the local language.
  • Personal fitness and health.

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