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Thanks for taking an interest in our families4families (f4f) Sponsorship Program – we would love to have you on board as a sponsor!

Please read on for more information about how you can get involved.

so what’s it all about?

The families4families Sponsorship Program (f4f) is a critical source of regular income that enables fws to send money to family units living at Kesho Leo. Kesho residents live in family units headed by a ‘house mama’ – a local, single mother, who is keen for a home, a loving, family atmosphere and an income – who looks after up to four orphans. We desperately need your help to cover the costs for these families including education up to form 4 (year 10), health services and food and accommodation costs for these orphaned children.

House mama and her kids

how much does it cost?

For a tiny $31 AUD a month you can make a massive difference to the quality of life of a family at Kesho Leo (so not just one child, but several children and the house mama) and help them to look forward to happy, healthy and sustainable futures.

Your sponsorship contribution (along with up to 19 other sponsors per family) not only goes toward covering the basics for a family living at Kesho Leo such as food, water and shelter (naturally) but we really make those dollars stretch so much further to cover costs associated with each child's education (up to the equivalent of grade 10), health, clothing, security, local transport, daily living incidentals and more! There’s even a matched savings plan (kind of like a salary sacrifice program) whereby if a Kesho Leo house mama is able to save some money from her personal allowance each month, fws will match it. This program is designed to ensure each family at Kesho Leo has the best opportunity to put their best foot forward.

(hmmm… $31 works out to be approx. $7.50 a week which is just pocket change when you think about it. Maybe you could take a packed lunch to work once a week or drink a few less take-away coffees – that’s totally achievable!).

how does it work?

There are 9 families at Kesho Leo who are supported through the families4families program.  

Each sponsor contributes a monthly amount of $31 per month. When you sign up, we allocate you to one of these Kesho Leo families and your monthly contribution goes towards supporting the costs of that family for the month. Obviously, each family’s monthly expenses are more than $31 per month. We look for 20 sponsors from Australia and USA to make monthly contributions to each Kesho Leo family. We refer to the 20 sponsors as a “sponsorship family”. Hence the program title: “families 4 (for) families”. 

At Kesho Leo each family’s f4f sponsorship income is placed in a ‘Family Bank’ that is managed by the house mama with support and advice from fws staff. Family Bank funds are carefully tracked and disbursed by the Kesho Leo Finance Manager and as house mamas learn about budgeting their regular income they will have more independent control of their own ‘Family Bank’. House mamas are encouraged to save funds for the future where possible and to add to their own ‘Family Bank’ any surplus income from small business initiatives. In the (hopefully rare) event that the program does not cover the families’ costs, foodwatershelter will cover these from our operating budget. 

three kesho leo children

what’s a sponsor family?

A ‘Sponsor Family’ is a group of 20 different sponsors each paying $31 in sponsorship fees per month. It might consist of some people from the same family, a group of friends, people from the same workplace, a netball or football team or just a random bunch of fws supporters that we’ve put together. So essentially you all become a ‘family’! The program needs a total of 9 ‘Sponsor Families’ to support the 9 ‘Kesho Families’ currently living at Kesho Leo.

can I join a sponsor family?

Yes – everyone is welcome! If you would like to become part of a sponsor family, our Sponsorship Program Manager would love to put you together with other sponsors who need some more members in their ‘Sponsor Family’. Easy!

happy family

how do I send my money?

Each individual sponsor can either make an upfront payment of $372 for the year OR they will be responsible for ensuring they have set-up their own monthly direct debit of $31 for payment of their sponsorship fees, which are due on the first day of each month. Individuals will receive an Australian tax deductible receipt or, if you are in America, a 501(c)(3) receipt for your payments (issued annually at the end of financial year period). So don’t worry, you do not have to coordinate or make ‘group’ payments - phew!

how long is the sponsorship program designed to last?

We are looking for sponsors that are willing to commit to a minimum 12-month period please (but we hope you stay on with us long after this). Whilst as an organisation we are constantly exploring how we can develop other income generating activities to enhance the sustainability of Kesho Leo, we believe we will always require a marginal degree of help from the fabulous families4families sponsors to ensure that all children at Kesho Leo have their needs met.

do I receive progress reports about my Kesho Family?

But of course! You will receive six monthly progress updates on the Kesho Leo family that you are sponsoring (with details about what’s been going on in their daily lives, what they have been learning and what they have been doing) with photos too!

okay I’m hooked, where do I sign up?

Simply email sponsorships@foodwatershelter.org.au and our Sponsorship Program Manager will contact you.

We look forward to hearing from you and introducing you to your new ‘family members’ soon!

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