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big wheels keep on turnin’ sponsorship

Introducing the Big Wheels Keep on Turnin’ sponsorship program. We’ve created it to keep Kesho Leo Children’s Village running smoothly.

This sponsorship program covers Kesho’s fundamental operating costs—costs that must be met before we can even think about doing any of the fancy in-country work we do in our key areas of health, education, permaculture, social welfare and micro-business.

What costs does Big Wheels cover?

The core operating costs of Kesho Leo Children’s Village—the stuff that has to get paid in order to keep our much loved project humming along:

vehicle fuel (diesel) and lubricants security vehicle repairs, spares & maintenance livestock expenses fire-extinguishers and appliances electricity (at the volunteer village) telephone and internet expenses insurance battery expenses for solar power seeds and plants travel, accommodation and meeting expenses vehicle running costs veterinary fees and supplies generator fuel rubbish dumping expenses furniture & fittings repairs and maintenance farm tools road and maintenance assistance kitchenware office supplies * postage and delivery costs 

fws car photo

Will fws always require donations for operating costs?

Probably, but we’ve long been focussed on engineering an economically sustainable model for fws and Kesho Leo. We’ve done a lot of work establishing small business initiatives at Kesho Leo, and are now moving into the long-ago planned phase whereby we establish a business arm of fws to further support Kesho’s operating costs, and to subsidise the donations required for Kesho’s operating costs.

We will always want to ask fws supporters for their contributions to our project—both their donations and their volunteering (because we believe these are terrific experiences for humans to incorporate into their lifetime), but we also aim, in time, to be able to ask our donors for less money when it comes to operating expenses.

is Big Wheels sponsorhip the one for me?

Yes, if you are a small business, high-income-earning individual, or just someone who is looking to make an annual lump sum donation, perhaps around end-of-financial-year, that makes a massive impact in country. 

Big Wheels $1200

Not the world’s cheapest sponsorship, but it does offer bang for buck. We’re after an annual donation of $1200 in one lump-sum, if possible. If not, then $100 per month would rock. The idea behind this is to keep our cashflow high enough to meet Kesho Leo’s operating expenses (read: keep mamas, carers, Kesho kids, pre-school and chekechea (kindergarten) kids comfy, safe and supported at Kesho Leo Children’s Village) for the next six months (end of 2017) as we create and launch our fws income-generating business, Impact Learning. 

Sign up to Big Wheels $1200.

If you know someone who might also want to join Big Wheels $1200, feel free to email them our  BigWheels $1200 flyer.pdf

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I’m there. Where do I sign up to bigwheels $1200?

Right here!

I’d love to sign up for Big Wheels $1200 per year to support Kesho Leo Children’s Village operating expenses.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!

Any questions...  sponsorships@foodwatershelter.org.au