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run for fws

Are you ready to run (or walk) for fws?

To build on our massive success in previous years, with our city fun run teams raising much needed funds to support the mamas and children of Kesho Leo, let's make this the best year ever.

We will have team leaders in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to keep up the fws team spirit. So if you would like to join an fws team – or just run on your own in the event of your choice – here's all you need to do:

  1. Sign up as an individual at the official site of your city's fun run or marathon and pay the required registration fees (marathons' details to be updated and inserted in this page).
  2. Then register here (our run for fws fundraising pages) in the fun run or marathon of your choice. You can register either as an individual or join an fws team.
  3. Follow the easy instructions on how to get the word out to your family and friends on how to support your challenge... oh and start training to get fit!
  4. For those of you across the land, seas and skies who can’t make the physical commitment to join the team, we would love your support! You can send a message cheering them on and make a donation here. That'll help on the hills!

Our goal is to come together to build on the success of last year and raise $15,000 for fws!

fun run official registration links

You can also take part in another event of your choice and raise $$ for fws - be it the New York Marathon, Run Newcastle, The Queensland Half Marathon... you name it! Our run for fws fundraising page lets you nominate any event you like.

We will have team leaders in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. 


If you have any queries or would like to be a fws Run Team Leader in one of our other states, please email Caroline McDaid, fws Sydney Run Team leader and financial advisor (who, in her spare time, dumps her excel spreadsheets and runs like the wind around Sydney). 

We invite you to become a team leader in other cities. We would love to have you! Please email us.